When you're in pain, life is unpredictable. Some days, things are manageable. Other days, you can barely sit at your desk, walk without a limp, or get out of the car. Maybe the pain is new, or maybe you've lived with it for years -- without knowing how to stop it.

Either way, we're glad you landed here

As one of the Tri-State area's most skillful pain management specialists, Dr. David Glassman knows that the stabbing or throbbing intensity of back, neck, and neuropathic pain (i.e. pain caused by cancer or another disease) can come to rule your life. It's time to turn the tables -- and get your pain under control.

Having specialized in back, neck, and other types of pain for nearly a decade, Dr. Glassman delivers treatments that drastically reduce pain -- and often banish it entirely. His treatments are non-surgical and minimally invasive, and they address a variety of maladies.

If you're ready to be free from pain, read about our types of treatments:

More Treatments Offered

  1. Percutaneous diskectomy/coblation nucleoplasty
  2. Radiofrequency Neurablation Facet/medial branch (spine)
  3. Epidural steroid injection
  4. Sacroiliac Joint Injections
  5. Lumbar discography
  6. Kyphoplasty surgery (minimally invasive)
  7. Spinal Cord Stimulation (cervical, thoracic)
  8. Intrathecal spinal pump
  9. RACZ epidurolysis (for adhesions in the epidural space)
  10. Trigger point injections (office procedure)
  11. BOTOX for dystonia and intractable migraine pain
  12. Neurolytic blocks for cancer pain (sympathetic, peripheral nerve, neuraxial)
  13. Sympathetic blocks for RSD/CRPS/Diagnostic
  14. Peripheral nerve block/steroid injections (intercostals, piriformis, hernia, occipital)
  15. Facet of medial branch blocks
  16. Radiofrequency of the peripheral nerves