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Dr. David Glassman and Erin Migliaro of Connecticut Neuroscience, PC

There's little that's worse than chronic pain. You're alive -- but everything hurts, so you're not really getting to live. It might hurt to sit or stand, and it's impossible to sleep, so you're constantly tired and cranky. Forget recreational activities: you can't dance, play with your grandkids, or take that lifelong dream trip. In a word, you're living a severely diminished life.

But life is already short, and there's no time for pain. That's why Dr. David Glassman founded Connecticut Spine and Pain Care: to help patients like you get their lives back.

Our practice is a crucial part of Connecticut Neuroscience, in New Haven, CT. When patients wish to avoid surgery, or have tried everything else to feel better (including surgery), they visit us. With minimal intervention, we can often treat your pain. We use cutting edge treatments like radiofrequency neuroblation, spinal cord stimulators, intrathecal pumps, facet injections, and kyphoplasty. We address your pain rapidly, accurately, and with the littlest possible invasion to your natural state.

Dr. Glassman understands pain. An anesthesiologist by trade, Dr. Glassman did a fellowship in pain management at Yale. The rare, progressive procedures he learned changed his life -- and his practice. He then left surgical anesthesiology to join Connecticut Neuroscience, PC, multi-specialty practice founded by four neurosurgeons in 1971.

Dr. Glassman is passionate about diagnosing and evaluating patients, and administering minimally invasive treatments with the intended goal of restoring them to a more pain-free condition. "People today are lucky. Since 1995, there have been incredible advances in pain management," he says. Even so, the profession is surprisingly rare; in the U.S., there's only one pain specialist for every 19,000 patients who receive a pain prescription.

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